The quest for finding faith

A lot of people, as they grow older, tend to question whether there is nothing more to live than doing things that they are doing now. As age weighs heavily on their shoulder, many feel the need to find a deeper purpose to their existence. Many people have turned to faith for the answers that they are looking for.

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The Best Family and Pet Friendly Grants Pass Motels

Forming part of one of the 19 hotels currently available in Grants Pass, Oregon, the Redwood Hyperion Suites will blow you away concerning world class hospitality and modern, state of the art accommodation that encourages guests to interact with the surrounding natural environment.

Here you can look forward to some lovely water features as well as a pleasant view as the feature gets illuminated at night. What is more, there are several fire pits, great pool, scrumptious breakfast, clean and modern rooms that’s equipped with plenty of outlets to accommodate the charging of phones, laptops, etc. One of the most accommodating for a motel Grants Pass

Can you believe it that the Barnstormers Theater is within easy reach and right next door to the Redwood Hyperion Suites? Do not miss out on the super entertaining local theater plays. Should you be in Grants Pass over a weekend, then you must definitely make a point of visiting the Saturday Market. There are so much to see, and the lovely flowers, fresh fruit, sweet rolls, homemade donuts, veggies, and herbs prove to be enough of a reward for visitors to the area.

If you plan to stay for more than just a day, then the Redwood Motel in Grants Pass is the place to be. Not only is it very convenient, but the rooms are also comfortable and well maintained to cater for a pleasant stay. The entire area has an old world charm and character all of its own. What is more, each room has different themed decor, and the beds are comfy to ensure that you will sleep like a log. This is not just any old guest house, this is an experience for your vacation.

While some guest reckons that the Redwood Hyperion Suites is not high-end property, it sure is well maintained and the customer services offered is out of this world. Even more so, if the manager happens to be on site at the time of your visit.

Here’s what one traveler had to say – “My children and I stayed over in a two roomed unit that was equipped with a small kitchenette. The one room had king size bed and the other two beds. Needless to say, the unit was nice, and we loved the fact that all amenities we needed were within easy reach. The pool area is nicely shaded and spotlessly clean. The staff was super friendly and very attentive. Restaurants were only a short drive away. We would love a few more healthy alternatives for breakfast such as herbal teas and sugar-free yogurts.”

Another visitor to the area was super impressed with the Redwood Hotel in Grants Pass They found that management exceeded their expectations on all levels. Not only were the bedrooms great, but the hot tub and spa were something out of a storybook. Then again, the landscaping itself was meticulously manicured and set among a lovely backdrop consisting of mountains. Management went the extra mile to ensure they had a pleasant stay and even went as far as picking up luggage that got left behind at the airport.

When asked, other guests commented that the peacefulness and beauty together with the cleanliness of the Inn thoroughly impressed them, and they found it to be a breath of fresh air.

Whether you are from the South or the North, the I5 offers easy access to the Redwood Hyperion Suites Did we mention that there are ample parking facilities, the rooms are modern and clean, staff is super helpful, and you are close to all amenities? Laundry facilities are available with the option to purchase washing powder on the premises. Attendants are always on hand to see to your needs. What is more, separate green areas are made available to the benefit of dog lovers.

The rooms itself are very comfortable with adequate quilts and linen. It is refreshing to notice the various color selections in the rooms that create a spa-like atmosphere that proves to be super relaxing. The flooring is made up of ceramic tiles that are covered with area rugs to give it a homely feel. Many a guest commented that they are excited to visit the motel again.

Another recent addition to the Grants Pass Redwood Motel is the Hyperion Spa that allows guest from all over to revel in a deep and soothing massage carried out by licensed massage therapists. We would say that it is the perfect way to unwind and recover from engaging in bountiful activities either on the Rogue River or elsewhere in Grants Pass.

For more information on the Redwood Motel, go to https://redwoodmotel.com/motels/grants-pass-oregon/

A Guide to Finding the Right Church


While a lot of people these days do not care much for religion or faith, a great number of societies still do. You are one of those people that want to be connected to your faith no matter what and where you are, it is always an important decision for you to choose the right church. Sometimes, you might feel as if the current denomination you belong to is no longer providing you with the spiritual growth that you expect. If it happens, all you have to do is look around and find a different church that you know is going to matte your spiritual needs better.

The bible is its authority
You need to know if the church is following the teachings of the lord in the bible. You need to make sure that that they are teaching is based on the word of good and not some rules that man made himself. It is not enough that they do worship where people are seated throughout the service, and they hear songs. The church should be proactive in ensuring that the message of good is spread and that this is exactly what they inculcate in their every member.

It encourages growth in discipleship
When you become a disciple, you learn to live the life that Christ lived. A good church is one that is concerned with growing its members and not it numbers. This means that it takes extra care and attention in ensuring that people who are part of the church will grow in their faith. When a church is growing, it signifies that it has a life. This does not only mean growing in numbers though. This also means growing regarding the number of people that are serving, people that are in missions, as well as growth in the sharing of the gospel among other people.


The church should have a sound doctrine
Get to know what the teachings of the church are when it comes to faith, good, and salvation. It is important to remember that there are a ton of teachings and doctrines that are floating around. It is your job to research which one is resonating the best with you. Assess your faith of the Bible and how you interpret these teachings should be and see to it that the church that you will decide to be a part of will also share the same convictions and beliefs.

It should allow you to experience fellowship
It should be a place where you get to experience what a true Christian fellowship is like. This should extend beyond the usual social gatherings and potluck meals that you share with their members. A true fellowship should go beyond that. Every member should be encouraged to prop each other up towards being better church members and believers when you see that there is real fellowship among the church members you who that there is a true connection that is established in such a community.

It encourages evangelism
A good church understands how important it is for it to share the word of god not just to its members but also for people that are outside the flock. It is important that time is spent towards spreading the good word outside. Find out what the programs of the church are as far as evangelism goes. If you are the proactive type, you might even want to be a part of their team of evangelists with their zest and zeal to get the good word out there.

Talk to the church leaders too. Ask questions. Only after you have pondered over your choices should you finally decide which one it is you would want to be a part of.