A Guide to Finding the Right Church



While a lot of people these days do not care much for religion or faith, a great number of societies still do. You are one of those people that want to be connected to your faith no matter what and where you are, it is always an important decision for you to choose the right church. Sometimes, you might feel as if the current denomination you belong to is no longer providing you with the spiritual growth that you expect. If it happens, all you have to do is look around and find a different church that you know is going to matte your spiritual needs better.

The bible is its authority
You need to know if the church is following the teachings of the lord in the bible. You need to make sure that that they are teaching is based on the word of good and not some rules that man made himself. It is not enough that they do worship where people are seated throughout the service, and they hear songs. The church should be proactive in ensuring that the message of good is spread and that this is exactly what they inculcate in their every member.

It encourages growth in discipleship
When you become a disciple, you learn to live the life that Christ lived. A good church is one that is concerned with growing its members and not it numbers. This means that it takes extra care and attention in ensuring that people who are part of the church will grow in their faith. When a church is growing, it signifies that it has a life. This does not only mean growing in numbers though. This also means growing regarding the number of people that are serving, people that are in missions, as well as growth in the sharing of the gospel among other people.


The church should have a sound doctrine
Get to know what the teachings of the church are when it comes to faith, good, and salvation. It is important to remember that there are a ton of teachings and doctrines that are floating around. It is your job to research which one is resonating the best with you. Assess your faith of the Bible and how you interpret these teachings should be and see to it that the church that you will decide to be a part of will also share the same convictions and beliefs.

It should allow you to experience fellowship
It should be a place where you get to experience what a true Christian fellowship is like. This should extend beyond the usual social gatherings and potluck meals that you share with their members. A true fellowship should go beyond that. Every member should be encouraged to prop each other up towards being better church members and believers when you see that there is real fellowship among the church members you who that there is a true connection that is established in such a community.

It encourages evangelism
A good church understands how important it is for it to share the word of god not just to its members but also for people that are outside the flock. It is important that time is spent towards spreading the good word outside. Find out what the programs of the church are as far as evangelism goes. If you are the proactive type, you might even want to be a part of their team of evangelists with their zest and zeal to get the good word out there.

Talk to the church leaders too. Ask questions. Only after you have pondered over your choices should you finally decide which one it is you would want to be a part of.