Day: December 8, 2021

The closure of a childcare centre in Killara Vic has upset many parents and community members. The school was not-for-profit and had served the community of Wallan for 30 years. The council, which owns the building, held a meeting to discuss the closure. Mitchell Shire Council, which runs the kindergarten in Wallan, has offered to work with the administrators to find another provider. However, many people are still concerned about the future of the child care services in the area. Go here

Succeed With The Closure Of A Childcare Centre In Killara Vic

The closure of a childcare centre in Killara has left local parents and the community in an unenviable situation. The Mitchell Shire Council owns the building, but is in the process of working with the administration to find a replacement. In the meantime, parents will have to wait until the middle of next year to find a new childcare provider. But, don’t despair. A nearby kindergarten will continue operating.

The closure of the KILLARA CHILDREN’S CENTRE, a not-for-profit establishment with 82 seats, has caused panic in local parents. Despite a lack of funding, the centre’s staff and parents remain positive. Its administrators are working with the Mitchell Shire Council to find an alternative provider. The city hopes to have another childcare centre open in the same location before the end of the year.

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