A Brief Overview About the Omaha Warehouse

The warehouse is managed by The Boeing Company’s Pick and Pack division. Located in Omaha’s downtown, Pick and Pack delivers pick and pack orders to the various distributors. Distributors then package and transport the goods to the customers. The pick and ship services are extremely beneficial to businesses, warehouses and individuals that require large volumes of supplies on a regular basis. Other distribution services offered by The Boeing Company include Commercial Truck Liquidation, Air Freight and Residential Foodstuff Drop off.

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The Omaha Warehouse is an established commercial storage facility for the transportation, processing, and storage of perishable, hazardous, and hazardous goods. The facility features state-of-the-art cooling and heating systems, optimum security measures, climate control, and comprehensive pest control. Omaha is serviced by six general storage facilities including the Stover Grain Exchange and the Grain Marketers Warehouse. These six facilities are strategically located on Omaha Street in the South Platte area. These facilities store a variety of goods including flour, foodstuffs, livestock feeds, grains, dairy products, fish, meat, frozen seafood, fruits, vegetables, and other grocery, chemical, and supply goods.

Omaha Warehouse offers the most comprehensive and convenient freight services to the warehousing industry. Warehouse staff and managers are available to assist with any questions or concerns about the transportation of goods. They can also make arrangements for special services such as refrigeration, loading and unloading trucks, loading and unloading forklifts, and pick and pack deliveries. Omaha Warehouses can be identified by the use of their blue and yellow flags.

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