Different Types Of Face Mask

Are you looking for face masks to wear at home? If you’re looking to pamper yourself, face masks can be a great way to give your face some much needed TLC.


There are many different types of face masks that can target specific skin needs or leave you with beautiful glowing skin. Here is a list of the most common face masks and how they work:


* Bentonite


This face mask will help draw out impurities from your pores. It works by reacting with water and creates a very thick coverage on your face, which should be left on for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. This face mask has been known to lift materials such as toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from the surface of your face.


More on how to use bentonite clay, just click it.


* Clay


Face masks containing clay are known to work by naturally tightening your face and also lightening dark spots, scars and blemishes. This face mask is typically left on for about twenty minutes before being rinsed off. 


* Charcoal

topless man covering face with white powder

Charcoal face masks have been popular recently because they help remove impurities from the surface of your face. They do this by binding with excess oil in your pores, leaving you with an acne-free face! This face-mask typically only needs to be left on for 5 minutes or so before being rinsed off with water.


* Dry Skin


If dry skin is a common problem for you, using a moisturizing face mask will keep it hydrated and soft. These face masks are typically made from ingredients such as yogurt, eggs or honey.


* Enzyme


Face masks with enzymes are known to ‘digest’ dead skin cells at a faster rate than usual. These face masks are sometimes fruit-based and work by breaking down the protein bonds in your face which weakens the dry areas of your face.


* Fruit


Face masks made from fruits are great for adding nutrients to your face, resulting in an overall smoother complexion. Any type of fruit is edible and can be easily mixed into a paste to make a face mask! Some fruity face mask ingredients include banana, strawberries, kiwi, cucumbers and apples.


* Green Tea


This face mask works by restoring your face’s natural oil balance. It contains antioxidants that boost the immune system and slow down the aging of the skin.

* Honey


Face masks containing honey are great for hydrating dry skin, as well as brightening uneven skin tone. Honey face mask recipes typically involve mixing raw honey with some other form of face masks such as avocado or yogurt to make a thick paste consistency face mask!


* Milk


Face masks made from milk are great at removing dead skin cells, allowing your face’s natural glow to shine through again. If you have oily skin, face masks made from milk can be very beneficial because they control the production of excess oil.


* Oatmeal


Face masks containing oatmeal are great for oily skin types, as well as dry skin. If your face is acne-prone or very sensitive, face masks with oatmeal will give you an anti-inflammatory effect that decreases the redness of the face.


* Olive Oil


Face masks made out of olive oil are known to increase cell regeneration and hydrate the face! A face mask recipe usually involves mixing olive oil with some other natural ingredient such as rosewater or honey. 


* Rice Flour


Face masks containing rice flour work by absorbing impurities stuck in pores around your face. This is especially good if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of blackheads or acne on your face.


* Salt


Face masks made from salt are known to exfoliate your face by removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face. These face masks typically work best for oily skin types because they reduce the production of excess oil and tighten pores.


* Shea Butter


Face masks containing shea butter have been known to improve the overall quality of dry skin, while also repairing damage due to aging! This face mask is typically a thick consistency that requires a little bit more time than others in order to be rinsed off with water after application.


* Yogurt


Face masks containing yogurt are great at reducing the redness associated with acne breakouts and sunburns, while also restoring hydration to dry, flaky facial skin. Face masks with yogurt tend to be very easy and affordable to make in your own kitchen!

All you need is some plain white face mask and a blender in order to mix the ingredients until it turns into a face mask paste!

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