Engagement Rings – Which is Right For You?

Elegant gems are the latest trend when it comes to engagement rings, Ireland being one of the countries where beautiful stones are worn as symbols of love and commitment. In the past engagement rings Ireland have been very extravagant and expensive and usually meant that the ring was purchased from abroad or from a member of the highest social class in an elegant society. However, now, Elegant Gems, as they are popularly called, has come to represent the traditional Irish elegance and style. The vast range of diamonds available for use in this style of ring makes it a perfect choice for those looking to buy diamonds for an occasion that is not only important but very personal as well. Elegant Gems engagement rings reflect traditional Irish patterns and designs which have been handed down over generations of families and friends.

Loose Diamond Rings & Engagement Rings

When shopping around for engagement rings Ireland, it is important to decide on what you want your single diamond to look like. Single cut diamonds are the most popular and come in a wide variety of colours and styles, with some being almost black. Single diamond engagement rings are more expensive than double cut diamonds but are far more unique and beautiful. As most people will know, single cut diamonds are not easy to cut, and therefore require a good eye to ensure that they are evenly sized and don’t appear overly large or small. When shopping around for diamond engagement rings Ireland, it’s best to try a few different diamond cuts so that you can see exactly what shape your diamond will take and get a feel for how unusual it is.

It is very common for the traditional wedding band to be made out of gold with a single diamond in the centre and sometimes referred to as a voltaire band. However, there are other styles of jewellery where two single diamond bands are worn side by side, one as a cushion cut diamond and one which is cut using a channel. Cushion cut diamonds are very popular because they look very natural alongside white gold, platinum or silver and can be a very fashionable and affordable alternative to a traditional wedding ring. Alternatively, if you prefer a less traditional engagement ring, perhaps a voltaire is more suitable, particularly if you already have a wedding band that uses a channel setting.

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