Fling.com Full Review

Despite being a dating site with a male-centric approach, Fling is safe for everyone. Although there are more female users than male ones, the site has more men than women. However, this does not mean that Fling is completely inappropriate for all women. There are no rules preventing women from arranging sex meetings with men. And the site is completely private, so you won’t have to worry about your personal information being exposed. More to the story

How to Know Fling.com Full Review

The site’s members are international and are of any age and gender. As long as you aren’t transgender, you won’t encounter discrimination on Fling. You can even view other users’ profiles. You can also send photos, videos, or request live group chats. And because Fling has a guarantee, you can cancel the plan at any time, even if you’re not satisfied.

Fling uses a 24 hour profile review team to keep track of interactions. It also engages in chats with real members to observe their behavior. Its policing system is criticized by Fling users because it inflates the number of connections made by users, making it difficult for people to find a partner. The team has a large database to choose from, and Fling users can easily see which profiles look attractive and which ones don’t.

Fling has an extensive user base and has been making matches for over 20 years. Its dynamic interface is filled with racy photos and explicit videos. It offers endless ways to meet new people. The Featured Members menu displays members’ pictures and summaries. There are also several other menus that are available, including New Faces and Trending Now. Probably the most popular is Live Streaming.

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