How To Save Money On CRM Software?

It is true that CRM software can be rather expensive to implement and maintain, but if you are diligent about finding the best deals you can find discounts on this type of software. The tips below will help you save money on CRM software:

1. Find out if your company already has licenses for licensed software (or make sure it does). 

If it does, determine whether using this pre-existing license could be beneficial to your team, because there may still be value in having an account manager or customer support link up with this account; they might also be able to give you other financial benefits.

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2. Ask your accountant if tax credits exist for purchasing CRM software like Salesforce.

There are various tax credits that exist for businesses that implement CRM software, but you must first know what kind of software your company would qualify for to take advantage of these credits.

3. Get a free trial , and have a thorough understanding of what it is you’re getting into.

If you don’t already have the infrastructure in place, Salesforce’s free version gives you adequate access to some great features that will help you decide if this system is right for your team. There are other versions beyond the free one, so check out what they offer before committing to anything.

4. Don’t just purchase an upgrade.

Sales reps often see something new on the market and get really excited about it-unfortunately they may also overlook looking at what their current software solution has to offer. Do a thorough evaluation of whatever is out there and make sure you’re considering all your options before making a purchase.

5. Utilize the Salesforce AppExchange.

This is an online marketplace full of apps that can help further enhance CRM software such as Salesforce, and it’s also another place where users can find discounts on the most useful ones. Apps range from those that aid in marketing to those that aid in customer service, so do some digging to see what would benefit you and your team the most.

6. Look for coupons and discounts online.

You may be able to find coupons or discounted rates offered by various websites related to CRM software, so it never hurts to keep your eyes peeled.

7. Check out customer-to-service pricing.

If you need help maintaining your CRM software and perhaps getting a little extra training, but you don’t want to make another huge purchase, customer-to-service is where it’s at! Companies like Salesforce offer these types of plans.

8. Email or call the companies directly.

There may be different departments where discounts can be offered for each division of a company that offers CRM software . It doesn’t hurt to ask, so before making a final decision on what software to implement contact one of these companies and see if they have any deals up their sleeves. 

9. Utilize any training that may come with the purchase of your software.

Whether it is sold as a service or comes with an organized training program, make sure you are utilizing all the tools available to you. If necessary, spend some more money on additional training services to become more familiar with how everything works.

10. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

You would be surprised that many vendors are open to negotiating their price if they have multiple deals going on that month-or if your budget just won’t accommodate buying what they’re selling at full price. Asking for this can lead to huge discounts, so always ask!

11. When it comes down between two different CRM software solutions, don’t automatically rule out the one with less features.

The saying “simpler is better” applies to CRM software solutions too, because it’s not always about having all the bells and whistles-it’s also about making sure you’re getting the right tool for the job at hand. That being said, don’t think that if something has less features that it’ll be more difficult to use-in fact some of these simpler options are actually incredibly easy to figure out.

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