Kyocera Smart Document Scanner – Making Scanning a Breeze

Kyocera Smart Document Scanner – Making Scanning a Breeze

The Kyocera TASKalfa is our choice of copier one of the newest printers from Kyocera. It is capable of printing text and graphics, in both mono or color modes. It also has on-screen LCD display that helps the user to set the desired paper size, along with the settings for brightness and contrast. This handy machine is ideal for both home and commercial printing needs. Here are some of its highlights:


One of the key selling factors of the Tasksala TASKlfa is its Intuitive Electronic Scanning capability. This is achieved by the use of Smart Object Technology. Through this technology, a user is able to adjust the size of the scanned image without the help of any manual labor. It also has an intuitive user interface that enables the user to easily adjust the scanning parameters, including the contrast and brightness levels. In addition, it has intelligent features like the page skipping option that eliminates unimportant lines and images from the scanned documents.


With the support of the Intuitive Electronic Scanning feature of the taskalfa 3554ci, the images are automatically resized to fit the dimensions of the original document, allowing for better and easier editing. This also eliminates the need for cropping. Moreover, it has the most intelligent features such as the image zoom, image rotation, image flip, image thumbnails and also the automatic image extraction feature. With such intelligent features, it ensures that no unnecessary file is saved on the hard drive. Thus, it ensures that the entire scanned document is completely scanned, which makes it an excellent productivity tool.

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