Minelab GPz 7000 For Sale – Best in Gold Detecting

Minelab gpz 7000 for sale – The most advanced metal detecting gadget ever made, the advanced GPZ 7000 is capable of detecting up to 30 times greater than any other metal detector. Features like multi-beam technology, ultra-high sensitivity and extreme depth take the metal detecting world by storm. With ZVT technology, the GPZ 4000 is capable of detecting up to 40% more than its predecessors. These amazing features take the gold detecting industry by storm and are now available on the GPZ 4000 and GPX 5000 series.

Enhanced sensitivity: The GPZ 4000 series features a new technology called GPS technology. Using GPS technology, the ZVT feature allows you to precisely locate your target even in the thickest of bush. If your target is buried deep underground, the ZVT will also locate it at a very high speed. GPS technology is also capable of determining your target’s exact location by detecting the distance to your target. This feature is perfect for hunting game that lives deep underground and is difficult to find using traditional metal detectors.

Advanced features: Unlike gold detectors that are designed to scan an area that is rectangular, this gold detecting gadget is made to scan a circular pattern. This unique technology enables the user to find the hidden objects using the circular pattern instead of just looking at a rectangular area. The GP4000 is able to find hidden objects as large as a football field with ease. Using the circular pattern in combination with the new ZVT function ensures that the metal detector is able to locate hidden objects that are deeper in the ground. Zvt technology also helps in determining the metal content of the target based on the pattern. In the last several years, gold detecting has evolved into a whole new hobby that requires high levels of precision.

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