The back seat of the Traveler tandem also has a weight capacity of 40 pounds, and a padded 5-point harness. This seat reclines to 4 different positions, including all the way down so that you can put your sleepiest child in it for a nap. When the back seat is fully reclined, it has some extra velcro attachments that creates a bassinet-like enclosure so that your child won’t slip out or slide around while riding.

The canopies are both fully adjustable, and the nice thing is that they are tall canopies. Even the tallest toddlers will be able to easily sit and don’t have to be bothered by the canopy rubbing on the top of their head. The rear canopy is larger than the front one, and can be folded down further to provide more coverage.


Comparison between strollers

The Jeep Traveler doesn’t have a parent tray, but there is a large parent cupholder on the handlebar. There is the baby tray on the front seat that has a cupholder, and there are two side pockets that velcro on and off for additional storage. Underneath the stroller, there are two medium sized baskets for your extra stuff such as a diaper bag. The rear rider’s feet rest within the basket, so you have to work around that when you’re hauling stuff in the basket. The rear basket is bigger, and it has a nice feature that lets you lower the back bar of the basket so that you’re able to slide in items easier than trying to push up on the back seat to stuff things into it.



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Would you like to change your world?

My European visit just began. I am now in Bucharest, at that point Zagreb, Belgrade, Madrid, London, and shutting with a supernatural voyage and an extraordinary experience in Avalon.

Indeed! I am glad to come back to every one of those urban communities, and just because I’ll be displaying my Ho’oponopono Seminar in London.

Obviously, I’ll additionally be showing Zero Frequency®, so you can find your energy, who you truly are, and discover all the more significance to your life.

I might want to accept this open door to share a message from perhaps the best advertiser I have on the planet:

We as a whole have a significant task to carry out in this season of advancement and change.

In case you’re living in the northern piece of the world, you can most likely feel it. Cooler nighttimes. Leaves are evolving hues. Skies getting to be illusory. Fall is noticeable all around my companions. It’s the period of progress. Also, goodness, how I love change. What’s more, I speculate you are here, perusing these words, since you also love change that focuses to expectation and plausibility.

You are not the only one. At this moment, the world is longing for change in each edge of the world—in our legislators and pioneers, in our religions, in our training and medicinal services frameworks, in the manner in which we treat one another and the manner in which we care for the earth. We need change. Obviously, the greater inquiry is: would we be able to change our reality? In the present complex occasions, it’s difficult to tell who we can accept and trust. Humanity does not have the ability to perceive the distinction among truth and lie. The simple answer is to thoroughly consider our method for our issues—to need to change the world with our astuteness.

In any case, as usual, expectation and change anticipates any individual who awakens. On the off chance that you really need to change the world (and yourself), you can start by getting to be answerable for your cognizance, which we will blissfully cover in the current month’s extraordinary Q&A:

As opposed to what you may have been told, there has never been a more noteworthy time to change the world than as of now. You simply need to raise your cognizance. Go along with me for this uncommon Q&A and we’ll change our universes together.

How about we continue cleaning. We can change the world!

See you soon!…

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