Rocks Glass for your whiskey

Norlan’s whiskey glass set is made utilizing a twofold walled arrangement. This leaves you with an astounding nosing involvement with a tumbler structure. These glasses are produced using borosilicate glass and just weigh 4.5 ounces. They are 3.22 crawls in width at the base and decrease up to 2.45 creeps in distance across at the edge while being 3.74 inches tall.

Best Bourbon Glass

It is made for individuals that like there whiskey slickā€¦

These cool whiskey glasses hold up to 6.9 ounces of your preferred whiskey. Tragically, they are more fragile than standard whiskey glasses, and Norlan doesn’t prescribe utilizing whiskey stones or ice in these glasses.

On the off chance that you like drinking your whiskey slick, these could be the best whiskey glasses for you since they were unequivocally intended to be utilized in that style. They circulate air through your preferred whiskey superior to your standard glass. This lessens the ethanol force in your tipple, hence, requiring less weakening.

They come stuffed in a stunning dark cylinder and incorporate a fine microfiber material that functions admirably at cleaning your Norlan whiskey glass set.

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