The True Nature Of Tantra School Retreats

If you are planning to learn tantra from an experienced tantra teacher in a classroom setting, there is a lot to be said for attending a tantra school | Embodied Awakening Academy instead. Unlike a traditional tantra master who has to coax and coerce students into a more rigid learning regimen, a well-run tantra school has no need for such tactics. In fact, the primary purpose of such an institution is to ensure that its students develop and grow to their greatest tantra potential – both in terms of knowledge and application. This is a far cry from the process of learning traditionally from a male teacher. Furthermore, tantra schools are also adept at tailoring lessons to the preferences of each and every student, ensuring that his or her needs are taken seriously and that the overall experience becomes personally and intimately meaningful.

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One particular school of thought that most people have heard about but have no idea what it actually teaches involves the concept of “Tantra Yoga.” This practical and innovative approach to tantra meditation and worship uses the analogy of daily life to illustrate the various stages of spiritual development that occur when we reach each phase of our lives. For instance, one of the four stages of spiritual development that tantra identifies with is tantra yoga. In this form of tantra, students go through a series of exercises, meditation routines, and worship rituals to awaken themselves and prepare themselves for higher tantra work. With regular practice, these students become fully aware of their bodies and minds, which in turn inspires them to use these powers to better the lives they live.

In addition to these practical exercises and rituals, specific rituals are offered at most tantra schools to help students in the attainment of their spiritual goals. These rituals typically include ceremonies involving the Goddess Shakti, the Earth Mother, and other deities. At the end of these rituals, students vow to continue their pursuit of yoga, and they take on the obligations of providing service to Earth as well as to fellow humans. Some of these retreats may even last as long as a month! For many students, these retreats represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about the true meaning of being a good steward of life and nature, and to put these principles to work in the areas of their lives closest to their hearts.

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