What is the Act Sustainable Household Scheme?

The Alternative Energy Authority has recently launched a website called act sustainable. The site acts as a central hub for those interested in learning about the sustainable building industry in ACT and around the rest of the country. On the site are several opportunities for potential investors – how to apply for government incentives, what type of investor should consider and the like. The site is also home to the ACT’s first ever Sustainable Building Certificate, which was awarded to Just Energy last year.

The Ultimate Guide To What Is The Act Sustainable Household Scheme?

act sustainable household scheme

Apart from the government incentives that can be gained by taking advantage of the act sustainable household scheme, there are also a number of other benefits. The official website has a section dedicated to those who would like to start their own business in the sustainable building industry in ACT. In it, you can find information on the types of businesses that are currently or previously eligible for the scheme, as well as details on the types of businesses that are not eligible. As well as this, the website has a section where you can submit your application form to become an official member of the scheme. This is a very simple process, and only requires that you send in a completed application form.

From this point, you will receive an approval from ACT Energy to allow you to draw up an application to receive up to $2k towards your eligible expenses, in order to fund your sustainable household electrical plans. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be able to take advantage of the loan repayments to help you pay for your renewable energy system. However, the loan repayment terms are not fixed. The loan provider may change the amount they are willing to lend over time, and if you are not eligible for a rate change when it occurs, you could find yourself paying more than you would otherwise. This is why it’s important to read the terms of any agreement you sign.

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