What Makes A Private School Ideal

Ideal School

Living in the modern world, there are many different options for students to choose from when it comes down to education. For many parents, one of their biggest issues is choosing what kind of schooling that they want for their child.

  1. Lower Expenses Over Public Schools

One reason why a parent might choose a private school over a public school is that it will be much less expensive than having a child attend a public institution. The average cost of tuition for private schools can run anywhere from $8,000-30,000 per year, as opposed to paying an average of $12,300 – $19,100 annually at a public school for one student. 

In addition to the lower costs associated with private institutions compared to those found at public schools, students will also get the opportunity to receive more individualized attention than what can be expected at a public school.

  1. Better Academics and More Extracurricular Activities

Although private schools will cost more for parents, many benefits come with the change. Private schools provide their students with an education system that is much better academically than those found in public institutions according to statistics from Universityguide.com and Payscale.com.

In addition, if a student decides they want to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports or orchestra, private schools tend to have more of these options available compared to public schools where an activity can get cut due to not having enough participants sign up for it. 

Private schools also tend to have better student-to-teacher ratios than public schools as well as more educated and experienced teachers who themselves may even hold advanced degrees in their respective fields of study.

  1. Better Safety and More Discipline

According to nationalreview.com, many parents feel that private schools will provide a safer environment for children to learn, play and grow in compared to public institutions where violence can sometimes happen between students and faculty members (and even other students!) 

This is also because there are fewer students at private institutions which leads to fewer distractions for those who want an education without any disruptions or commotions during their school day. 

One of the most common reasons why parents choose to send their child/children off to a private school is because they tend to behave better and mature faster than students at public schools where kids can learn the wrong habits from one another. 

This makes their transition process into college or other advanced environments much easier, especially when paired with the fact that there is more discipline and stricter rules in place at private schools when compared to public institutions. Even though parents pay a hefty sum for private schooling, many feel that it is money well spent if they can provide their child with an exceptional education while teaching them how to be responsible individuals.

  1. More Fundamental Skills/Fewer Problems Down The Road

Aside from having a great education early on in life, many parents also prefer sending their children off to a private school instead of a public one due to the benefits associated with their child developing certain fundamental skills which they can take with them for the rest of their lives. 

More individual attention, stricter rules and better discipline allow children at private schools to develop more healthy habits than what’s expected at public institutions (i.e. swearing, skipping classes ) as well as better study skills, time management and organizational capabilities which will help them with their performance in college as well as doing everyday tasks such as keeping up on any outside-of-school responsibilities or part-time jobs.

In all, parents who send their kids off to a private school have plenty of good reasons why they do so even if it does mean taking out a second mortgage just to pay a tuition bill each year.

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